Southwest Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Skillet

Recipe number 2 for #beefmonth was a bit outside my family’s comfort zone. Since we use ground beef ALL.THE.TIME. I wanted to make sure our challenge recipe was something new! Courtesy of this Southwest Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Skillet checked all the boxes of a great meal! I did hold back on someContinue reading “Southwest Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Skillet”

Beef Month Challenge

May is #nationalbeefmonth! As a challenge for our family, we’re going to attempt to use each different cut of beef (remaining in our freezer) over the course of the month. Kicking us off is the chuck roast Making some delicious shredded beef to be eaten tonight with a side of veggies, on sandwiches tomorrow, andContinue reading “Beef Month Challenge”

Build Your Favorite Burger

When is a burger not ‘just’ a burger? When it’s made with Highland Beef, of course! There are SO many ways to build the perfect burger, that we thought we’d kick off #nationalbeefmonth by sharing our family’s favorite burgers. Kyle’s Favorite: Toasted bun and Highland burger topped with bacon, pickles, lettuce, ketchup, pepper jack cheese,Continue reading “Build Your Favorite Burger”

Highland Beef Stew

Last week my family enjoyed a delicious beef stew, recipe courtesy of Amy at Little Spoon Farm! This recipe was a HUGE hit and will definitely be included in our future recipe rotation. While many think of the stew meat as the ‘leftover’ when you purchase bulk beef, it is one of my favorite cutsContinue reading “Highland Beef Stew”

AI,PV,D…Oh My!

Today, we received the American Highland Cattle Association registration paperwork for our lone 2021 heifer – GLO Khloe….with a couple of extra letters behind her name! (cue temporary moment of panic, because I forgot there was a new symbol recently added by AHCA). These symbols can start to make you feel like you’re looking atContinue reading “AI,PV,D…Oh My!”

Working With (Not Against) Your Boss Cow

You know the one…the cow that is your best friend when things are going right. The same one that has the ability to send the entire herd running to the other end of the pasture with just one look or tilt of her horns. Whether you have a love or hate relationship with your bossContinue reading “Working With (Not Against) Your Boss Cow”

Let me check my phone…

As a Millennial (or more specifically Geriatric Millennial…seriously, who comes up with this stuff?!?) my generation has grown up around tech. For better or worse, our phones are often an extension of our bodies and tech is a natural part of our every day life. I’m not here to brag…often it’s ‘too much’ and peopleContinue reading “Let me check my phone…”

How To: Ordering Bulk Beef

Ordering beef in bulk has always been an economical way to purchase beef, know where you food is coming from, and to support your local farmer. The recent pandemic brought to light even more reasons why buying local is the key to future food security. When your freezer is stocked full, a few kinks inContinue reading “How To: Ordering Bulk Beef”

Heat Stress Prevention

When most people think of living/farming in Iowa they picture the cold Winter. We’re ‘lucky’ here, in that we seem to have the potential for both brutal Winters AND wicked Summers. Right now, we’re in the midst of a true Iowa heat wave. It’s a running joke that experienced farmers will tell you ‘the heatContinue reading “Heat Stress Prevention”