Variations on a Midwest Staple

The Sloppy Joe…Maid-rite…Tavern….BBQ…loose meat sandwich, whatever you call it, ground beef on a bun is a Midwest staple. Just because it’s a staple, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite sandwiches to add into your rotation. These aren’t exactly ‘recipes’ but ingredients we measure with our hearts. 🙂Continue reading “Variations on a Midwest Staple”

Cattle Show Packing Checklist

Those of you who know me personally know I love a good checklist, so it was only natural for me to start putting together a show checklist as we navigated our first Highland show last year. With input from many experienced breeders and a few strategic Google searches, below is a compilation of our cattleContinue reading “Cattle Show Packing Checklist”

SOLD: GLO Khloe (62564)

After much consideration, we have decided to offer GLO Khloe (Dorey of Flatland Farm X LEA Kaid) for sale. Khloe is a moderately framed, feminine, yellow heifer born 3/25/21. Her pedigree includes many notable farms including Sunset Farm, LEA-White Farm, Drover Hill, Flatland Farm and Five Star Farm. Khloe weighed in at 622 lbs. onContinue reading “SOLD: GLO Khloe (62564)”

Slow Cooker BBQ Brisket

As we near the end of our #beefmonth challenge, I’d be remiss if I didn’t cook one of my favorite cuts – brisket! Now, I will say that smoking is still my favorite way to cook brisket, but with a busy family and lengthy cooking time it just didn’t work for us to do thatContinue reading “Slow Cooker BBQ Brisket”

Stovetop Beef & Noodles

#nationalbeefmonth is still going strong and today we tried another new recipe using one of my favorite, but typically underappreciated cuts – stew meat. While it may not be the most glamourous cut of beef, it’s delicious and versatile. While my family loves a great beef stew in the Winter, it’s been far too hotContinue reading “Stovetop Beef & Noodles”

Southwest Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Skillet

Recipe number 2 for #beefmonth was a bit outside my family’s comfort zone. Since we use ground beef ALL.THE.TIME. I wanted to make sure our challenge recipe was something new! Courtesy of this Southwest Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Skillet checked all the boxes of a great meal! I did hold back on someContinue reading “Southwest Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Skillet”

Beef Month Challenge

May is #nationalbeefmonth! As a challenge for our family, we’re going to attempt to use each different cut of beef (remaining in our freezer) over the course of the month. Kicking us off is the chuck roast Making some delicious shredded beef to be eaten tonight with a side of veggies, on sandwiches tomorrow, andContinue reading “Beef Month Challenge”

How To: Cooking Highland Beef

They told me…I ‘heard’ them…and I still overcooked the beef. At least 2 sets of steaks, countless burgers and even a few skillets of ground beef – ruined. Fair warning, I’m not a gourmet chef (as evidenced above) but I can follow a recipe and have learned a few things in our transition to HighlandContinue reading “How To: Cooking Highland Beef”

Build Your Favorite Burger

When is a burger not ‘just’ a burger? When it’s made with Highland Beef, of course! There are SO many ways to build the perfect burger, that we thought we’d kick off #nationalbeefmonth by sharing our family’s favorite burgers. Kyle’s Favorite: Toasted bun and Highland burger topped with bacon, pickles, lettuce, ketchup, pepper jack cheese,Continue reading “Build Your Favorite Burger”