Glory Oaks Farm

Welcome to Glory Oaks Farm! We are multi-generation farmers raising AHCA registered Highland cattle for breeding stock and beef. We purchased our first Highlands in 2019, and fell head over heels for this wonderful heritage breed. Our animals are raised humanely and spend their summers grazing our wooded pastures, which provide ample shade for these hardy cattle and helps avoid heat stress. They thrive in our North Iowa Winters and love being spoiled by our kids and visitors to the farm.

Meet Our Herd

Ah, our favorite topic…talking about our Highland Cattle. Each animal has their own personality, likes/dislikes, and history. Meet our herd and learn more about the animals that make up the Glory Oaks Farm family here.

Highland Beef

Naturally tender and packed with protein, Highland beef is distinctly delicious. We offer beef by the quarter, half or whole steer available directly from our valued butcher each Fall. Find more details here.


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