Sirloin Stir Fry

When it comes to steaks, sirloins are one of the most versatile cuts. They can be eaten as a steak or cut up to work in a variety of dishes. Last night, they made some delicious beef stir fry!

When it comes to stir fry I’m not much of a recipe person…more of a throw in what you have in the fridge person. Since we’re not quite to garden season in Northern Iowa, this time I took advantage of a frozen stir fry mix. Easy, quick, and delicious!

Thinly slice your sirloin, heat oil in a pan and fry apx 1 min on each side. Set aside so your meat doesn’t get over cooked. Add a little more oil if needed then fry your veggies. Add the beef back in, and enjoy! Customize to your taste by serving over rice, or topping with a stir fry sauce.

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