Meet Our Herd

Introducing, the breeding cows and heifers at Glory Oaks Farm. These are the ladies that make us proud. Our goal is to select and breed moderately framed Highland cattle that are easy keepers, efficient on grass, mild tempered, produce & raise quality calves, all while being great representations of the Highland breed.

Ciara of Flatland Farm (50907)

Ciara (pronounced keh-rah) is our oldest cow, born in 2011 and daughter of the 2010 NWSS Grand Champion Bull. She is our resident DIVA and never one to turn down a snack or comb. She was awarded Grand Champion Female honors at the 2013 NCHCA Regional Show when shown by Flatland Farm. (Circle ME Aila X Skye High Koal)

BRF Ciera (53662)

Ciera (pronounced see-eh-ruh) is the daughter of the 2014 NWSS Reserve Champion Bull. She is a moderately framed cow, but consistently throws our thickest, fastest growing calves year after year regardless of sire. (JHN Sirius X BRF Yukon)

Dorey of Flatland Farm (56640)

Dorey may be the low cow on the totem pole, but is one of our favorites. While you may not see as many show champions in her pedigree, it is stacked with high performing animals from some of best long-running Highland cattle herds. We have retained multiple daughters from her and cannot wait to see what they add to our breeding program! (Prairie Creek Dalles X Ruairidh of Flatland Farm)

LiTerra Bree (58095)

Bree came to our farm in 2021 on the heels of an extensive show career with Howling Springs Farm. She was Grand Champion Female at the Keystone International Livestock Show in 2019 as a yearling and placed well in her many other appearances. She has many well-known names in her pedigree including the infamous Yarnelle Farms Betula (NWSS Grand Champion Female in 2006). Bree’s sire is Skye High Cornerstone who is known for throwing offspring with beautiful ‘highlights’ and Bree is no exception! (LiTerra Bess X Skye High Cornerstone)

GLO Jade (60634)

Jade was the first calf born at our farm and for that reason will always have a special place here. She has a super sweet and mellow personality, and is as ‘kid friendly’ as a heifer can be. Jade was Grand Champion Female at the North Central Highland regional show as a Senior Heifer in 2022 and will be delivering her first calf in 2023. (Dorey of Flatland Farm X LSR Orion)

GLO Lindi (63798)

Lindi was a dream come true when her dam finally gave us a heifer calf after 3 years of bulls! She is one of the thickest heifers we have seen and has the ideal width and structure to become a great brood cow. (BRF Ciera X LEA Lars)

GLO Luna (63799)

Luna is a feminine, silver heifer who carries the stamp of both her sire and dam’s best features. Her dam’s line is one of our favorites, as evidenced by the number of them still on our farm. Her sire consistently adds length and muscle, and has sired multiple show ring champions. (Dorey of Flatland Farm X LEA Haaken)

GLO Layla (64029)

We bred Layla’s dam 3 days after she arrived on our farm, and anxiously waited for this heifer to arrive! When she did, she did not disappoint. Layla attended her first show at just 2 months old where she was awarded Champion Intermediate Heifer Calf honors and has been a great show partner for Harper ever since! (LiTerra Bree X LEA Kaid)