Meet Our Herd

Introducing, the breeding cows and heifers at Glory Oaks Farm. These are the ladies that make us proud. Our goal is to select and breed moderately framed Highland cattle that are easy keepers, efficient on grass, mild tempered, produce & raise quality calves, all while being great representations of the Highland breed.

Ciara of Flatland Farm (50907)

Ciara (pronounced keh-rah) is our oldest cow, born in 2011. She is our resident DIVA and never one to turn down a snack or comb. Within her first week of coming to our farm, she ‘chased’ me around an oak tree because I had a comb in my hand! She was awarded Grand Champion Female honors at the 2013 NCHCA Regional Show when shown by Flatland Farms. (Circle ME Aila X Skye High Koal)

BRF Ciera (53662)

Ciera (pronounced see-eh-ruh) came to us via Cobblestone Farm in Wisconsin. She is the boss cow, especially when it comes to food. She had not been handled much prior to coming to our farm, so we spent her first Winter here earning her trust. She now happily stands for a good combing…but is suspicious of anything else in our hands! (JHN Sirius X BRF Yukon)

Dorey of Flatland Farm (56640)

Dorey may be the low cow on the totem pole, but is one of our favorites. Her left horn was injured when she was younger and now gives her a goofy look that fits her personality! She is often seen running and frolicking with the younger steers as opposed to her fellow cows. (Praire Creek Dalles X Ruairidh of Flatland Farm)

GLO Jade (60634)

Jade was the first calf born at our farm and for that reason will always have a special place here. She is sweet and mellow like her dam. Jade still has some growing to do until she’s ready to be bred, so she will be hanging out, eating and ‘fingers crossed’ have her first calf Spring 2023. (Dorey of Flatland Farm X LSR Orion)