AI,PV,D…Oh My!

Today, we received the American Highland Cattle Association registration paperwork for our lone 2021 heifer – GLO Khloe….with a couple of extra letters behind her name! (cue temporary moment of panic, because I forgot there was a new symbol recently added by AHCA). These symbols can start to make you feel like you’re looking atContinue reading “AI,PV,D…Oh My!”

Let me check my phone…

As a Millennial (or more specifically Geriatric Millennial…seriously, who comes up with this stuff?!?) my generation has grown up around tech. For better or worse, our phones are often an extension of our bodies and tech is a natural part of our every day life. I’m not here to brag…often it’s ‘too much’ and peopleContinue reading “Let me check my phone…”

Welcome to Glory Oaks Farm!

Welcome to Glory Oaks Farm! We are Kyle and Katie Baker. We moved to Northwood, IA (Katie’s hometown) with our two kids (Harper and Tate) in 2018 to pursue our dream of farming while raising our family. We often get asked…why ‘Glory Oaks’? The inspiration for our name came while sitting outside at sunset amongContinue reading “Welcome to Glory Oaks Farm!”