Cattle Show Packing Checklist

Those of you who know me personally know I love a good checklist, so it was only natural for me to start putting together a show checklist as we navigated our first Highland show last year. With input from many experienced breeders and a few strategic Google searches, below is a compilation of our cattle show packing checklist.

In the showbox

scotch combs in your preferred style (extras…these always seem to disappear)
blower & hose (an extra hose clamp is always a good idea too)
hoof brush
show products (adhesives, adhesive remover, foam, finishing spray, baby oil/horn polish)
fly spray
paper towels
baby wipes
washing supplies (shampoo, brush, hose, sprayer, foamer, bucket)
extra rope halters
neck ties
show halters
show sticks (bring an extra!)
clippers, blades and blade lubricant

For the barn

extension cords/splitter
fans (for the cattle and people!)
blocking chute
fitting mats
stall mat
divider panels
feed & hay
extra bedding
feed tubs
water buckets
water filter
shovel, rake, broom, pitch fork
tool kit (screw drivers, hammer, pliers, wire, wire cutter, duct tape, zip ties, markers, garbage bags)
farm signage
stall cards (include animal name, date of birth, sire, dam, and registration number)

For the people

SNACKS! Seriously…does anyone travel without snacks?
cooler with drinks
wash rack boots/clothing to get wet
show clothes & backup set of show clothes
belt….I repeat, do not forget to pack the belt
number holder/show harness
hairbrush/hair ties
first aid kit
extra cell phone chargers or portable power bank
bluetooth radio
cards, games, or activities….especially for those with littles, it can be a long day!

If you’re thinking ‘whoa, that’s a lot of stuff’ you’re in good company. Traveling to cattle shows is not for those those like to travel light. That said, the Highland breed has some wonderful people! If you forget anything, I can guarantee there will be someone in the barn with an extra (or two) who would be happy to let you borrow something…just make sure to return what you borrow and pay it forward!

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