SOLD: GLO Khloe (62564)

After much consideration, we have decided to offer GLO Khloe (Dorey of Flatland Farm X LEA Kaid) for sale. Khloe is a moderately framed, feminine, yellow heifer born 3/25/21. Her pedigree includes many notable farms including Sunset Farm, LEA-White Farm, Drover Hill, Flatland Farm and Five Star Farm. Khloe weighed in at 622 lbs. on June 6, and will likely be around 1100 lbs. fully grown. She is halter broken and comfortable with a show stick. Khloe is a mellow heifer who is easy to work with, but is not ‘in your face friendly,’ which we prefer.

Her Dam (Dorey of Flatland Farm) has been an amazing brood cow since we purchased her as a heifer from Flatland Farm. She has delivered 3 beautiful heifers for us, and we wish we could keep them all! She has delivered unassisted every year with her heifers weighing between 52 and 73 lbs. at birth from three different bulls. She has a fantastic udder and great maternal instincts.

LEA Kaid, Khloe’s sire, is the son of the famous Sunset Rebel Yell. He passes on his calm personality and stamps his offspring with the classic Highland head and lots of breed character.

Serious inquiries can contact us at or 214-772-2050. Visitors are welcome to view Khloe in person (Northwood, IA).

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