How To: Cooking Highland Beef

They told me…I ‘heard’ them…and I still overcooked the beef. At least 2 sets of steaks, countless burgers and even a few skillets of ground beef – ruined.

Fair warning, I’m not a gourmet chef (as evidenced above) but I can follow a recipe and have learned a few things in our transition to Highland beef to hopefully prevent others from making the same mistakes! Here are my top tips for cooking Highland beef to perfection…

  1. Start in the Kitchen, not at the Grill. It is so much easier to overcook mean on the grill. There are distractions and it’s more difficult to keep a consistent temperature. Perfect not overcooking your Highland beef in the kitchen, then transfer your newfound skills to the grill.
  2. Your crock pot is your friend. Low and slow is the name of the game to truly take advantage of the tenderness and flavor of Highland beef. Similar to not overcooking, taking the TIME to cook your beef slowly is the best way to enhance its top notch flavor and texture.
  3. Use a meat thermometer…seriously, do it. Unless you have some superhuman powers, you likely can’t tell what the inside of a steak looks like while it’s cooking. We gift our first time beef customers a meat thermometer for a reason. It’s THAT important to enjoying perfectly cooked Highland beef.
  4. Rest. We all need it, and so does your beef. Cook to temp, and be sure to let your beef rest for at least 3 minutes prior to serving or cutting.

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