AI,PV,D…Oh My!

Today, we received the American Highland Cattle Association registration paperwork for our lone 2021 heifer – GLO Khloe….with a couple of extra letters behind her name! (cue temporary moment of panic, because I forgot there was a new symbol recently added by AHCA).

These symbols can start to make you feel like you’re looking at the world’s most educated animals as you’re perusing through the AHCA herdbook, but they are valuable tools to make sure you have accurate information when making decisions about your herd. The newest designation (PV,D) means that the animal has been DNA Typed and both sire and dam have been verified. In order for an animal to receive this designation, both sire and dam must have been DNA Typed as well.

Here is a breakdown of the current symbols used by AHCA:
PV – Parent Verified
D – DNA Typed
AI – Artificial Insemination
ET – Embryo Transplant
t – Twin
* – Impact Dam
** – Elite Impact Dam
+ – Impact Sire

Since we strictly breed via artificial insemination (AI), all of our future offspring will carry the AI, D designations since all registered animals bred by AI are required to be DNA typed. All bulls are also required to have DNA on file with AHCA. Today, we have 2 of our cows who are already DNA typed, so all of their offspring will carry the full AI, PV, D designation like Khloe and we have the option to gather DNA from our other cows if we choose.

Purchasing from respected breeders who keep solid records has previously been a buyers only way to count on accurate representation of sire and dam. With this new designation, we have one more way to make sure all animals in the AHCA herdbook are accurately represented. While this isn’t a required designation, I’m excited to see the impact this designation will have on the quality of data gathered.

You can find more information on AHCA’s Impact Dam & Sire program and those designations here.

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